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Our Mission
Absolute dedication to guiding principles is embodied by a statement of purpose;
NOCA is a specialized, Infrastructure Developer, Media and ICT enterprise where serving the distinct needs of each clients within high-growth economies is our uppermost priority. Our charge is to be profitable through execution, so that our clients and business partners can continually benefit from renewed investment, remain on the leading edge of industry and enable all those who participate in it to achieve an appropriate financial return

Our ongoing success can be traced to our infatuated adherence to these guiding principles. They were the principles upon which noca was founded. They echo as constant themes throughout our history which have fueled the balanced growth that seems to accelerate each year.

Our Purpose is to realize and sustain client satisfaction and loyalty by the actions of a team of devoted employees who benefit from a workplace where personal and professional growth is always encouraged.

Our Dedication is to serve each client by "measure ten times, cut once" - with unfailing courtesy, transparency, and superior support from every member of noca.

Our Belief is building bonds between company and community we serve. We carry out business with integrity in all of our practices, such as customer accountability and managing expectations. Yet often enterprise philosophies are over-stated and under-realized; that's why we ensure our track record proves our point