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noca ICF Building System
Introducing the most innovative commercial and residential building system available today.

Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) are hollow, lightweight forms manufactured using two 21/2 inch (63.5m), 1.5lbs/cu.ft density expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels which are connected by uniquely designed, high impact polypropylene webs. During construction, the forms are stacked then filled with concrete making stable, durable and sustainable walls.

The ICFs combine the insulating effectiveness of EPS with the thermal mass and structural strength of a reinforced concrete wall. They also offer a “5 in 1” solution that provides structure, insulation, vapor barrier, sound barrier and attachments for drywall and exterior siding in one easy step.

ICF Diagrams
Walls constructed with this type of ICFs can provide a fire rating of 3+ hours (6, 8 and 10 inch walls), a sound transmission class (STC) of 50 (some wall assemblies exceed this value) and an insulation value of R-22+. By combining the performance R-value of EPS, the stabilizing effects of concrete thermal mass and the reduced air infiltration rates, The ICF walls can perform up to an equivalent insulation value of R-50.

The webs used in this ICF eliminate the need for tie downs and place reinforcing steel most effectively to ensure superior structural strength.
The webs are manufactured using more raw material than competing products allowing for superior finishing capabilities and 198 lbs pull out strength for drywall screws. They are also spaced 6 inch (152mm) on center compared to 8 inch (200mm) on center resulting in greater rigidity, which keeps walls straight and plumb during stacking and the pouring of concrete.

The webs connect the EPS panels and terminate with a 11/2 inch (38mm) flange which is embedded 5/8 inch (16mm) beneath the outside surface of the panels. The flange has a height of 15 inches (381mm) in all blocks except the 10 inch (254mm) block which has a flange height of 23 inches (584mm). When the blocks are stacked, the flanges form a continuous horizontal and vertical grid which is used to attach interior finishes like drywall and exterior finishes like stucco, wood siding and brick veneer. (Please refer to the interior and exterior applications sections of this manual for more details.)

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The ICF blocks use the FormLock™ interlocking system developed by the manufacture, which has considerably deeper grooves than competing products. The interlock exists on all edges allowing the blocks to be fully reversible. It also secures the courses together, preventing any movement or leakage during the concrete pour. This unique feature allows this ICF to be stacked quickly, easily and without the need for glue or ties. the user friendly, easy to install system increases job site efficiency and worker productivity which saves time and money.

The ICFs are available in a variety of sizes allowing for concrete cores of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 inches (100, 152, 200, 254, 304mm). Straight, 90-degree corner, 45-degree corner and curved forms are available in most sizes. The NEW 90-degree corner form features a polypropylene insert and additional interlock at the corner. The purpose of the insert is to provide an attachment point for finishings, while the additional interlock enhances the strength of the form during concrete pouring.