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noca Petroleum
The fuel trade industry is filled with illegitimate traders and brokers. Noca Inc has vetted all our refineries and title holders. We supply virtually any type of fuel.

If you are looking for buyers of Mazut m100 (fuel oil), D2 (diesel oil), BLCO (bonny light crude oil), Bitumen (petroleum asphalt), then there is a genuine way to find them both online and offline. One of the genuine ways to find them online is through the use of business to business sites. Business to business sites contains buyers of crude oil, however the best option to deal with proven brokers and mandates. Buyers need sellers who can perform, meaning a seller who has product. Buyers also want a seller that can show proof of product after buyer’s POF is validated. The equation is POF = POP. It should not be any form of POP, however it should be one that can be verified and ascertained to be valid and authentic. Noca has uniquely position itself by investing the time to travel and build solid relationship with many fuel suppliers in Russia, Nigeria and Venezuela. We don’t believe in internet business and we feel the only way to validate supplier is the direct approach, this is what we have done time and time again.

Trust Noca to put you with the refineries or with the title holders that fits your requirement.