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Mazut is a heavy, low quality fuel oil, used in generating plants and similar applications. When blended the end product is Diesel Mazut may be used for heating houses in former USSR states.

Technical Information

Fuel oil mazut 100 is supplied according to the Russian technical specification GOST 10585-99, section for fuel oil, mazut sort 100. This kind of oil is graded as the heavy furnace oil. The product is produced from the remains of raw oil processing.

Differences in the mazut characteristics (sulphur content) The main difference in the different kinds of mazut 100 is the content of sulphur.

The grades are:

  • very low sulphur mazut with sulphur content 0,5%
  • low sulphur mazut with sulphur content 0,5-1,0%
  • normal sulphur mazut with sulphur content 1,0-2,0%
  • high sulphur mazut with sulphur content 2,0-3,5%

Information about very low/low sulphur mazut with sulphur content 0,5-1% supply (this information concerns EXCLUSIVELY 0,5-1% sulphur content mazut)

This kind of mazut is produced only from the low sulphur raw oil. Origin country for this kind of mazut is only Russia. It is very limited volume of this mazut available for export from Russia because of the following reasons:

  • There is limited number of producers in Russia, who produce this kind of mazut. All of them are the big Russian oil companies, like Lukoil, Rossibneft, etc.
  • Minimum half of the produced volume is sold on the domestic market of Russia and CIS.
  • Most of the volumes for export are sold according to the state quotes to the state companies abroad.
  • The remaining export volumes are sold by the daughter commercial organizations of the oil producers to the highest bidder.

Proceeding from the above, as at the moment the demand exceeds many time the supply on the market, the producers in Russia dictates the terms for the supply. Right now, the universal term for any kind of delivery (either domestic market or for export) to any kind of buyer (either commercial or state firm) from any country is 100% advance payment with product loading at the producer’s plant within 21 days after prepayment is registered on the bank account of the producer.

This term is dictated by the producer of the product and it is not negotiable.

Information about normal sulphur mazut with sulphur content 1-3.5% supply This product can be supplied both from Russia and from CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan). Both origins supply according to the Russian GOST 10585-99.

The difference between the origins is only in price. The Russian origin mazut has higher price.

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