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Our Do Not's
  • Don't ask for photos. We are not a photo-agency and they aren't worth sending as they prove nothing.
  • Don't ask for a "past performance" as it says nothing about the seller's ability to supply tomorrow.
  • Don't ask for pricing without a buyer's LOI.
  • Don't ask for an FCO without having a positive response to your buyer's LOI.
  • Don't believe that the sending of an LOI automatically causes the sending of an FCO or draft contract.
  • Don't send an email and ask 5 min later, whether it arrived and we have worked on it.
  • Don't think we are machines that do not need to sleep or eat.
  • Don't believe there are no weekends in North America when offices are closed (Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Don't think we have no other people besides you to talk to. (Your inquiry is important to us, however we have many clients to service)
  • Don't think that deals about several millions of USD are closed within minutes, hours or a day.
  • Don't start an inquiry by telling or asking about commission. (No contract closed - no commission - no discussion)